Roll up, roll up! The Art of Bullshit is in town.

Launched during Melbourne International Comedy Festival, The Art of Bullshit is Melbourne's best Participation Comedy Event!

What Is It?

True Improv

The Art of Bullshit is an entertaining evening of impromptu presentations and pitches. Each presenter learns their talk topic mere moments before they're due to speak.

Traditional speaker improvement methods require you to know your material, practice, and get better at communicating.

Skills Training

The Art of Bullshit throws caution to the wind, and concentrates on building your resilience and adaptability.

The best part of this approach is that it's a very safe space to fail, and we learn best when we fail. Frog in your throat? Cat got your tongue? No problems; blame the fact you were put on the spot. 20:20 hindsight given you the best retort or pun 20 minutes too late? Lock it away for next time.

Audience Participation

Come along and watch the show. You don't have to speak, the fuller the audience the better!

Each of the games also allow, without obligation, the audience to ask questions, and engage in the Bullshit. This can sometimes be even funnier than the presentation!

The Games

Those who do speak will have the chance to play a game of their choice, and one lucky speaker will win the highly coveted Bullshit of the Evening award.

Slideshow Roulette

Four photos, twenty seconds each. Go! It's your turn; you walk on stage.

You introduce yourself, and your first slide appears to you for the first time. With no idea what the next three images are, you proceed to present the talk of your lifetime.

Perhaps it's an educational training session, or a sales presentation espousing the benefits of your company's ball-point pens.


Pick two cards, a product and a market. Go! It's your turn; you walk on stage.

The audience are your venture capitalists. You introduce yourself, and explain that you'll be pitching your new business idea, which is basically "like Twitter for house cats", or "like ODesk for kindergarteners."


Four photos, twenty seconds each, but you're levelling up. You walk on stage, pick a scenario and wait to be introduced.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome to the podium, the next President of the United States of America!"

Now is your time to shine, your speech to the nation will be accompanied by photos; but of what? Happy crowds? Or tractors? Perhaps an X-ray image of a calf's hind leg!